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Congressman John Lewis

Uploaded by camille hutchinson on 04 Aug 2016

Georgia Congressman, the Honorable John Lewis discusses what inspired him to join the Civil Rights Movement and how he prepared for his speech at the March on Washington. He also emphasizes the power of non-violence and how young people and leaders today can learn from the past to overcome today’s adversities.



Jennifer posted 2016-09-16 9:26am

John Lewis has always been an inspiration... always level headed, calm, thoughtful and wise. We need more leaders like him - of all ages, but especially young people - promoting non-violent protests while standing up for injustices. Thank you for sharing this series of videos.

Tracy Waltman posted 2016-09-15 1:36pm

This was an uplifting & encouraging video. When he said "the way of love is a much better way" a true statement that more of us should remember.

Kimberly Martin posted 2016-09-15 10:29am

The civil rights movement and the struggle of the “Freedom Fighters†have been taught in our history books for years. However, as an Alabamian I believe that I have a closer connection to history. Although I wasn’t born during the era and never experienced the struggles to the degree that Congressman John Lewis has, I am personally familiar with the locations that he spoke of:
• The Birmingham Bombing at the 16th Street Baptist church. I have attended that church in the past. This month is the anniversary of the bombing (1963).
• The Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma Alabama.
• Montgomery, Alabama – the state capital.
The bravery and determination of Congressman John Lewis and others like him have been tried and true. Just as the words of Congressman Lewis, “when you lose the sense of fear, you are free†so too I believe that all can benefit from the power of liberation.

Bruce A. Hayes, PMP posted 2016-09-14 5:16pm

Congressman John Lewis has been an inspiration to me. One can only hope to stand up for human and civil rights whenever society or the majority is unfair. Standing up is essential. but this man has proven it can be done in a non-violent way, even when people spit on you, burn you, or shoot guns at you.

Susan Griffin posted 2016-09-14 4:50pm

Beautiful speech. Everyone should watch this and be encouraged.


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