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Mayor Pedro Segarra shares his story with Francisco Chang

Uploaded by Julian Crowther on 12 Jun 2015 in Hartford

Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra discusses the importance of learning as a way to create opportunities for yourself. He reflects on his own experiences and how they led him to Hartford, where he took advantage of his opportunities to achieve success.



Kristene Caldwell posted 2015-09-18 6:14pm

Mayor Segarra is a very impressive man! What great advice his mother gave him about the importance of respecting himself and respecting others and he'll get through anything. That's a powerful message.

Linda Binnenkade posted 2015-09-14 8:28am

Mayor Segarra is an example of what America and President Lincoln's values/actions represent - we are a land of opportunity and have the freedom to pursue our dreams. His point of 'having to do the work' is important for our youth to hear and he's been a strong role model for them in the Hartford community. My family has been greatly impacted by the 'ugly' side of urban youth and the tragedy that will transpire when education and hard work are not values in the community. His message to seek and take advantage of opportunity, and the fact it won't be easy, is important for our youth to hear and have an example such as Mayor Segarra to follow.

Lauren Sipe posted 2015-09-10 10:20am

I really enjoyed hearing Mayor Segarra speaking about his supportive family and the role community college had in his success. He expressed many thoughts that resonated with me, but one in particular was the importance of community involvement in order to create change. Great interview!

Nancy Guerard posted 2015-09-10 9:31am

Hartford's Mayor Segarrra is a role model for young people. He really shows us his compassion and motivation for a land of opportunity. We can set our goals and achieve them if we work hard.

Cindy Klenda posted 2015-09-10 9:07am

It is inspiring to see what taking advantage of opportunities makes a positive impact on our communities. This piece is motivational to keep participating in my world and taking part of opportunities that come my way.


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