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Dorothy Kittaka shares her story with Shelby Renier

Uploaded by Julian Crowther on 02 Jun 2015 in Fort Wayne

Dorothy Kittaka discusses the impact of the arts on her life and the opportunities they provided her growing up. She is the co-founder of FAME (Foundation for Art and Music in Elementary Education) and ambassador for Fort Wayne Sister Cities.



Tia Vorndran posted 2016-09-13 4:05pm

Very inspiring story. You can tell she definitely has a passion for the Arts and is using her talents and giving back to the community.

Sarah Whiteside posted 2016-09-12 5:34pm

I was intrigued throughout the whole video...and I wrote down many things she said as I want to share with my daughter and inspire her to take full advantage of opportunities as Dorothy did.

"If I had a dream, I ran with it..."
"Be the best citizen. Do your best in school..."
" person can make a big difference..."

Gary Miller posted 2016-09-02 2:13pm

WOW - what a tremendous series - brilliant idea to capture all of these stories. I had the opportunity and time to view the Dorothy KIttaka interview - what a great conversation. I too feel strongly about music in schools, especially at younger ages. I saw the benefit for my children and their peers. I have remained involved as a volunteer with our high school marching band and continue to see the benefit that music has for other students as well. We need more folks like Dorothy spreading this message and sharing how music can and does positively impact your life. Great interview - as she spoke I was drawn to events of my life that were hallmarked by music; and there are so many. great perspective, terrific interview - please continue this program to capture such inspirational messages! This is amazing - more folks should be aware!

Proby Patel posted 2015-09-14 4:27pm

Inspirational story. Music and the arts is opens up a world of creativity to everyone. The future generations will benefit from us supporting and inspiring them to cultivate an interest in such activities. They both add flavor and spice to life. Stories like this give hope to everyone that amazing things are capable from anyone and everyone!

Kristen Thilmany posted 2015-09-11 2:51pm

I agree with Dorothy in stating that music and the arts can be a great way to express ourselves and inspire others. Music, especially, is an historical marker in my life as well. You hear a song and think back to what that meant to you and where you were when you first really "heard" that song. Emotions are a very big part of our life and music and the arts bring out that emotion and allow us to feel that emotion as well as help others to feel that emotion. My daughter is starting Kindergarten at a school that teaches "through the arts" and I am so excited, especially after hearing Dorothy talk so passionately about the arts. I agree that through the arts we learn how to better express ourselves to others and in turn others may feel more comfortable expressing themselves and I believe greater things can be accomplished this way.


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