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Isaiah Tidwell shares his thoughts on freedom with his granddaughter Parker

Uploaded by Julian Crowther on 17 Sep 2014 in Radnor

"Freedom to me means the ability to think, to act without any constraint except for the law." Isaiah Tidwell discusses what freedom means to him, Abraham Lincoln's impact, and what we wants his granddaughter Parker to know about freedom and opportunity.



Jana Barrett posted 2016-09-14 9:58am

What a cherished conversation between Mr. Tidwell and his beautiful granddaughter. Powerful words and ideals passed to the next generation!

Byron Champlin posted 2016-09-13 11:55am

"Freedom is not free." What a powerful message to convey to younger generations. Love the interaction between Mr. Tidwell and Parker.

Tom Gepson posted 2015-09-14 10:15am

Very interesting. He said "Freedom is not free" - what a powerful statement. It was also very interesting to hear Mr. Tidwell mention the Emancipation Proclamation made by President Lincoln during the Civil War. I just watched the PBS documentary last week (again) about the Civil War - very important time in our country's history and the fight for freedom continues to this day.

Monique posted 2015-09-11 10:54am

Mr. Tidwell has been a fortunate man to have seen and heard the late Dr. Martin Luther King. One positive experience can influence a nation. Thus I am left to think about what legacy I will leave.

Danette posted 2015-09-11 10:51am

It was very inspiring to hear Mr. Tidwell recount his experiences as well as his definition of what freedom means to him. His grand-daughter, Parker had great questions is lucky to have him as her grandfather!


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