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Filomena DeSimone shares her story with her granddaughter Mia DeSimone

Uploaded by Henrietta Antwi on 19 Mar 2014 in Radnor

Filomena Desimone was a teenager when she immigrated to the US from Italy during wartime. She believes that her children were given an incredible opportunity by growing up in America.



Kat Erickson posted 2015-09-11 10:49am

"If you're determined to do it and there's a way to do it, I don't care what anybody says, you do it!" I really needed to hear this. Thank you so much for being so authentic!

brooke stephenson posted 2015-09-10 3:03pm

DeSimone video: Such a caring woman. Like others have commented, her love and devotion for her family is touching. To know that it brings such joy to her to watch her children and grandchildren thrive in the US, is beautiful to see. "Never give up, and work hard..." something we all need to be reminded.

Patricia Reiser posted 2014-05-12 6:07pm

Beautiful! Her passion about her family was touching. She is proud of her children. Thanks for sharing

Anthony DeSimone posted 2014-05-12 11:37am

As Mia's Dad, Filomena's son, and Lisa's brother I am could not be more proud of them all. Thank you, Lincoln Financial Group, for making this video possible as I showed it in class when talking about "What makes a great leader". My mom is a great leader, you all know Lisa is a great leader, and with any luck I am sure Mia will be a great leader, too.

Harry Horn posted 2014-04-08 3:59pm

This is a great interview! What a tribute to self reliance. All she wanted was an opportunity. She is so proud of what her children have achieved. A wonderful story and Mia is a good interviewer.


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