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Fernando Aguirre discusses adversity & opportunity with his son Fabrizio Aguirre

Uploaded by Henrietta Antwi on 26 Nov 2013 in Radnor

Former Chairman and CEO of Chiquita Brands International Fernando Aguirre is interviewed by his son Fabrizio. He explains how he used the adversity he received from being Hispanic as motivation to succeed. He also shares with his son why being bicultural can be an advantage in both business and society.



Zenaida Amador posted 2015-09-10 8:44am

This was a great interview and I can definitely relate to most of what was said. I like the fact that being a minority was not viewed as a negative and that Fernando recognized the advantages of being bicultural and bilingual. Recently in the media, there have been many instances in which people have voiced that English must be spoken in America. That closed-minded view of ignorance needs to change. Those people need to recognize, like Fernando mentioned, that the ideals of the United States are based on freedom. Those of us that are bilingual or have the gift of speaking various languages besides English have the advantage and freedom to speak whichever language we choose in this country. Being educated, bilingual and bicultural are advantages that open doors and offer opportunities in this very competitive generation. I'm a firm believer in acculturation, rather than assimilation, in that we can absorb other cultures, languages and traditions while never losing sight of our roots.

Helene Simmons posted 2015-09-09 7:34pm

What a great interview on his legacy and the advantages of being bi-cultural in a competitive market.

Jorge De La Jara posted 2013-11-26 11:10am

Inspiring interview!


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