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Tayquan Barnes interviews Rashard Jones

Uploaded by Rashard Jones on 09 Sep 2013 in Greensboro

Project Director of the African American Male Mentoring Program, Rashard Jones discusses how having his aunt and his art teacher as mentors gave him exposure to various things that enhanced his educational experience growing up. Listen here as Rashard shares the importance of mentorship with his mentee at the program, Tayquan Barnes.



Byron Champlin posted 2016-09-13 4:57pm

Great story of the value of mentorship as a life-changing force. Young Tayquan is lucky to have Mr. Jones as a guide.

Nikki Baer posted 2016-09-13 4:25pm

It's inspiring to see men inspire younger generations to learn to leave a great legacy. Showing that no matter how you are raised you are able to achieve great dreams!

Kameetrice Farrell posted 2016-09-13 1:55pm

Mr. Rashard Jones story is the story of so many. However, he has decide utilize his story to make a difference in the lives of others. This was a great reminder of tie importance of being selfless, and knowing that we each can have a positive impact on a younger generation.

Katelyn Matthews posted 2016-09-13 12:13pm

This is truly inspiring and I will certainly be sharing with others. The future generation are our leaders of tomorrow, it is important to learn from the past and change the future.

Betsy Krueckeberg posted 2015-09-11 11:27am

This interview highlights such an amazing story! Tayquan did a wonderful job sharing Rashard's story and legacy.


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